Monsanto company permission to grow transgenic soybeans in Yucatán is canceled

Monsanto company permission to grow transgenic soybeans in Yucatán is canceled

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By Luis A. Boffil Gómez

The court argued that said permit put at risk the production of Mexican honey in states such as Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatán. The resolution came after Mayan beekeepers from the latter entity took refuge in the Sagarpa resolution, an agency that in 2012 authorized - with the endorsement of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) - the planting of 253 thousand 500 hectares of transgenic soy in seven states of the Republic, including Yucatan.

“With this decision of the judge, it is prohibited for now the planting of transgenic soybeans on a commercial scale in the state of Yucatan. This judgment is added to those issued in March and April of this year by the second district court of Campeche; This, when resolving two amparo lawsuits presented by Mayan beekeepers based in Campeche against the same permit, also determined the violation of the right to consultation of the Mayan communities, as well as the violation of the procedure established in the Biosafety Law itself ”, Jorge Fernández, from the “Collective MA OGM” pointed out.

On February 27, 2012, the National Union of Autonomous Rural Rural Organizations (Unorca); Miel Integradora SA de CV; Society of Social Solidarity "Apícola Maya de Yucatán"; Litiga, Organization of Strategic Litigation of Human Rights (Litiga OLE), and Greenpeace, sued the owners of Sagarpa and Semarnat, for incurring in unconstitutional acts when granting the permission referred to Monsanto, for the commercial planting of GM soybeans.Ecoportal. net

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