La Paz begins a new era in solid waste management

La Paz begins a new era in solid waste management

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The announcement was made by the director of Environmental Management of the Commune, Rubén Ledezma, who said that now the city of La Paz will be at the level of the great cities of the world, since it is expected that in this century humanity must reuse those recyclable materials.

“The accumulation of solid waste that occurs on the planet causes the need to use more natural resources with environmental impacts due to the disposal of garbage in landfills and landfills. It is also expected –until the middle of the current century– to implement the strategy of recycling and reusing all reusable material ”, he added.

He explained that the Solid Waste Classification Plant will differentiate, for example, colored and white papers, in addition to cardboard. Plastics will also be chosen according to their consistency, pet bottles and others, he said. PLASTIMADERA

The Plastimadera Plant will also be inaugurated today, where the material will be produced from the recycling of plastics. Plastimadera sheets, a material that is obtained through an industrial process, will initially enable the production of school furniture for educational units, but in the long term the manufacture of other furniture that can be used in squares and parks is planned.

With the inauguration of both plants the cycle of recycling and reuse of solid waste in the city will be fulfilled, being the first in the country with this kind of environmental management for the benefit of citizens and the environment of the planet.

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