Collectives will use biodiesel made from used oils

Collectives will use biodiesel made from used oils

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These are two units that, as a pilot experience, will run on a fuel called B20 (it is a mixture of diesel and biodiesel in a proportion of 20% biodiesel, as required by law). And not only that: this biodiesel is obtained from the recovery of Used Vegetable Oils that are collected by the Progreco Program of 500 generators from Rosario and is processed and transformed into biodiesel by the biofuel manufacturing company, Albardón Bio.

El Albardón, with administrative headquarters in Oroño and Córdoba, is the only SME segment company that has an integrated production with world-class technology that can sell conventional biodiesel (liquid biological fuels) as well as distilled biodiesel and used oils. This company –of Rosario capital- has as visible faces Federico Pucciariello and Juan Facciano, also recognized for leading the chamber that brings together SMEs in the sector from all over the interior.

The Albardón industrial plant is located on a 2-hectare site in the largest soybean and biodiesel complex in Argentina and the world, on the outskirts of the city of Puerto San Martín and adjacent to the port of Terminal 6 SA It is a Privileged location both in the supply of inputs and to dispatch its final products.

The plant is equipped with the necessary flexibilities to produce biodiesel based on new and used oils and other oils derived from animal fat, as well as to achieve a final product of distilled biodiesel that allows penetrating market niches that are not currently served by current facilities. in Argentina.

Distilled biodiesel is aimed at penetrating the Argentine electricity market and replacing the use of rapeseed-based biodiesel that is used in Europe in low-temperature seasons.


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