AnimaNaturalis invites you to live a "Meatless Day" for animals

AnimaNaturalis invites you to live a

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Through a commitment that you can sign at you can join thousands of people who will choose a meat-free diet.

Meatless Day is an international event promoted by FARM (Farm Animal Reform Movement) every March 20, which aims to help people engage in cruelty and violence free eating.

Since 1985 thousands of people have taken to the streets in various countries of the world to expose the benefits and benefits for health and the environment of a diet without meat.

For this year's event, AnimaNaturalis has prepared various activities to promote a healthier and less violent diet with animals "Meatless Day is a first step that is revolutionizing habits and promoting more health and compassion for all beings with whom we share the planet".

"Our organization for the defense of the rights of all animals will carry out various activities such as performances and tastings, among other surprises," said the director of AnimaNaturalis, Daniela Romero Waldhorn Through the page the organization opened a space for sign a pledge not to eat meat on March 20 and receive informational material.

Why "Meatless Day"? Because it reduces the risk of heart attacks, cancer, and other degenerative and chronic diseases, which annually kill 1.4 million Americans and many more millions worldwide. Because the exposure to infections such as Salmonella or E-coli decreases, which sickens millions of people annually around the world.

Because it raises our energy level, reduces the food budget and simplifies the preparation and cleaning of food.

Because it increases the amount of grains, cereals and legumes available for human consumption, since animals are inefficient when converting energy into protein. Because it preserves the soil, groundwater, forests and other forms of wildlife because they are not razed to become forage crops for animals.

Because it protects the soil, water and other vital sources for the survival of our children and their children. Because it protects the soil, water and air from contamination by methane, urea, feces, urine, hormones and pesticides. Because it saves animals from cages, overcrowding, deprivation, mistreatment, beatings, mutilations and a torturous life and death.

Each person who adopts a plant-based diet saves the lives of 95 animals each year. In his lifetime, a person can save more than 6,000 animals, just by choosing to eat a plant-based diet.

Activities on Meatless Day


  • Quito

A group of volunteers will simulate a political meeting in which they will carry posters with messages such as: my vote for vegetables and fruits, the power of vegetables, etc. There will also be a tasting of meatless recipes.

Hours: 12 hrs.

Place: La Carolina Park Shyris Tribune.

Date: March 20.


  • Barcelona

A girl will pose nude with fruits and vegetables painted on her skin.

Hours: 12 hrs.

Place: Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes in front of the Passeig de Gràcia Metro exit.

Date: March 20.

  • Logroño

Information table on meatless eating plus free tasting of vegetable skewers and egg-free potato omelette

Hours: 18 hrs.

Place: Market Square.

Date: March 20.


  • Caracas

Diplomatic Cooking Workshop, recipes free of meat, dairy, eggs, sugar and gluten.

Hours: 9 hrs.

Place: La Trinidad.

Date: March 21.

  • San Cristobal

Informative table and tasting of food free of ingredients of animal origin.

Hours: 14:30

Place: Plaza Bolivar.

Date: March 21.

  • Táriba Mesa

informative and tasting of food free of ingredients of animal origin.

Hours: 14:30

Place: Plazuela de Táriba.

Date: March 21.


  • Bogota

Talk and meatless food tasting.

Hours: 16:30

Place: Saby restaurant.

Date: March 20.

  • Medellin

Stand with preparation and tasting of vegetarian food by the chef of the Vegarden restaurant.

Hours: 15:00 hrs.

Location: Botanical Garden.

Date: March 29.


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