How are medicinal plants used?

How are medicinal plants used?

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Eating the medicinal plant: it is the most obvious way to ingest the healing qualities of medicinal plants, just as nature provides us, perfectly raw.

There are vegetables with very good healing properties such as; apples, carrots, onion, watercress among others

The juices of medicinal plants: it is ideal in the case of fresh vegetables such as carrots, apples, because in this way you can ingest large quantities, if we had to eat them it would be very tedious. (axis; 2 kilos of carrots equals a couple

glasses of juice)

Infusion: it is the most common way to extract the healing principles of the flowers, leaves and other soft parts of medicinal plants, whether in a fresh or dry state. The infusion is prepared by pouring boiling water over the corresponding dose of the crumbled medicinal plant, and letting it rest for a few minutes.

The decoction: it is when the healing principles of the medicinal plant are found in the compact and hard parts of the plant (barks, roots), the infusion is insufficient, so the crumbled plant is put with cold water over low heat, it is allowed to boil for about a minute all together, and then let it rest together for about 10 minutes.

The maceration: it is not as fast as the infusion or the decoction but sometimes the heat alters the healing properties of the medicinal plant and for this we must resort to the maceration which consists of soaking the well crumbled medicinal plant, at room temperature and leaving thus, covered for about 6 to 12 hours so that the medicinal plant gradually releases its healing substances without the need for heat.

Powdered: some parts of dry and hard medicinal plants are reduced to powder so that when they are used they simply dissolve in water. This is the origin of pharmacological pills.

The tincture: it is the maceration of medicinal plants in alcohol, alcohol dissolves the pigments of the plants very well. Approximately 1 liter of alcohol is used per 200 grams of the medicinal plant; It is left to macerate for about 12 days, then it is filtered and stored in an airtight bottle until ready to use.

When using this home remedy you should pour only a few drops into a glass of water or infusion.

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