Vegetables with more calcium than milk

Vegetables with more calcium than milk

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We know that milk production in the dairy industry entails separating young calves from their mothers. But there are many plant foods that give you more calcium than milk, benefits for your health and the best…. There is so much variety that you will surely like more than one!

Here are some of them. Dare to try them and fill your dishes with health and flavor!

1. Tahini

This delicious sesame paste (sesame) that you can use to spread bread, fill cakes and in salads provides you with nothing more and nothing less than 430mg of calcium per 100 grams.

2. Poppy seeds

Every 100 grams of this little seed gives you 1450mg of calcium. Incredible, no? Use it in your salads, breads or use them to sprinkle pasta. Do not forget to toast it or crush the seeds so that our body assimilates the calcium.

3. Almonds

Every 100 grams provide you with 252 mg of calcium. You can consume them whole or easily prepare (or buy) almond milk that is delicious and healthy.

4. Chickpeas

An excellent source of protein that provides 143 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams. They are consumed in stews, falafel or hummus (chickpea paté).

5. Turnip greens

In each cup you will have 250mg of calcium. Add them to your salads, pasta, sauces, creams, omelets or inside a cake and you will easily cover your daily dose of calcium.

6. Orange juice

Guess how much… that's 250mg of for each cup! And perhaps this is one of the most delicious ways to get calcium.

7. Dried figs

Figs are one of the main vegetable sources of calcium, providing 200mg in every 100 grams. Enjoy them!

8. Aromatic herbs

With the help of different herbs and spices we can achieve a significant increase in the intake of some micronutrients, since these ingredients, even used in small quantities, can be concentrated sources of vitamins and minerals. see more

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